umbrellas are not just umbrellas

Umbrellas are known to be used since the primitive eras. Of course they looked quite different from what they are now. They were made of leaves and used just as a shelter. Then they became a symbol of rank and used primarly as an ornamental item mainly in Asian royals or by Emperors.chium.jpg

Umbrellas got to Europe around the end of year 1000 but it’s only at the end of the 18th Century that they gained popularity. They were a distinctive symbol of elegance made with ribs of whalebone for the best quality ones and of split cane for the cheaper quality.

Today there are different kind of umbrellas on the market and you can buy one as cheap as a can of Coca Cola. But if you want to differentiate yourself and you do care about quality and details then you need to look for something which is not only a simple umbrella!

Two of the best manufactures are for sure the British Fox Umbrellas and the Italian Pasotti.

The first started their business under the Kingdom of Queen Vicoria and during all their history they have had very prestigious customers: English and Japanese Royal families, President of the USA, television and movie industries, many celebrities. Only the finest woods and materials are used and are fully hand-made in England. A starting price for a “tube umbrella” is around 99£, but if you are looking for a fully customized option made from a single piece of wood then the price rises to approx. 220£.

The Italian Pasotti, settled in the 50’s, also produces world’s finest umbrellas, hand-made with best materials. They actually like to add precious touches to their goods. Swarovski elements, gems, silver, gold… The handles are not just classical: skulls shaped, billiard ball, snake head. Prices start from 165€ for a folding umbrella up to more than 500€ forsome exclusive models.

Just have a look a their online stores or find both of them at PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO 2017 and chose the one that suits you the most!

 Michele Di Chello