Get Coachella looks

Coachella music festival just kicked off on April 14 and still rocking until April 23.

While Lady Gaga surprised fans with a new song, let’s have a look at the men’s fashion trends for this epic festival.

Be ready for a warm sun and wear shorts and sunglasses. The choice of a modern design bermudas is surely the best stylish idea: jeans or linen is great! 


H&M 24,99€


H&M 25,99€
retrosuperfuture €249






At Coachella you won’t be staying still so you better choose some stylish but comfy shoes. Sporty sneakers are what you need. If you really don’t fancy them, a second choice would be suede boots and you still will stick to the style.

Plein Sport €270


Clarks 129,67€









It is time now to add some colors and chose between a colorful short-sleeve shirt or a printed t-shirt. Both options are a fresh choice to enjoy music and looking trendy.

asos Vintage 50,99€


Zara 15,95€










Finally you need to finish up your outfits with some cool accessorizes: Panama Hats would look amazing. Add also some bracelets and you are ready!

Borsalino 279€
H&M 4,99€



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