OUDH OSMANTUS for Gods and Majesties

Luxury and Elegance are a perfect combination to describe the philosophy behind Mona Di Orio parfum creations. The style of this maison brings us back to the 20s and 30s, the glorious years for perfumery industry.

OUDH OSMANTUS belongs to the “Nombre D’Or” collection. Opening with notes of citrus, elemi from the Philippines, petitgrain from Paraguay and green.  The olfactory journey of this eau de parfum continue with notes of Indonesian patchouli, nagarmotha, cedar from Atlas and the majestic grey amber, revealing seductive and captivating tones of animal mixed with woody, leather and balsamic scents. Osmanthus ansolute from China and the forceful power of oudh and musk will finally leave a mesmerizing long-lasting smell on our skin, speading mysterious and mystical aurea.

Mona di Orio uses real Oudh oil from Laos a precious and costy element also appreciated in ancient civilizations where it had a strong cultural and religious significance, reserved for Gods and Majesties.

The 75ml golden bottle comes in a elegant black packaging and you can find it on the online store or in some of the best stores for 285€.



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