Soapery, the hand-made soaps of Istanbul.

If you happen to be in Istanbul or planning a visit, you cannot miss a tour in Grand Bazar and if you go there you cannot miss this shop!

The Grand Bazar of Istanbul is one of a kind, the ancient version of a department store. Actually one of the first, built in 1461. You can find everything you can think of to fulfill your shopping mania. But it is not only about shopping, you will be lost in sounds, colours, lights and smells. A charming smell is coming from “Soapery” with their hand-made skincare and bath products.

I have being buying their soaps and products for long time now and has become a kind of addiction. What I appreciate the most is that they never use animal fat, instead the soaps contain high quality oils and natural elements. They added a new dimension to my bath. One of my favourite is the “scrub soap” which has a natural sponge inside and leaves your skin smooth and regenerated. Amber and Oud scented products are the best!

Those soaps are suitable for all kind of skins, even sensitive. They can be used for shaving, daily face wash but also as a shampoo!

No worries if you have a special request or you are looking for something specific, the staff is higly qualificated and they all speak good english to assist you to find what you need.

I also need to spend a few words on their selection of essential oils. I simply love them! Ask them to smell “Dark Amber”, “Patchouli” or “Oud”. Try it on your skin, the smell will stay for days!

Website is:

Find them on facebook and Instagram: @sabunhanee

Michele Di Chello






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