GUTTERIDGE – Napolitan Tailoring with a British Touch

7jn6whob_store_primary_image_-mainFounded by the Scottish Michael Gutteridge in 1878 in Naples where he opened his first boutique in Piazza Dante. Mr. Gutteridge imported his textiles and wool directly from Scotland and he soon had a huge success. He opened then a even more luxurious store in Via Toledo.

In the 90’s the brand was bought by the italian intrepreneur Mr. Colella and now counts about 50 boutiques in Italy.

Their garments still keep the british style and touch, so are the store interiors. They remind the old artisanal shops and boutiques you might find in the streets of London.

One of the most sold item is no doubt the sartorial-made blazer together with the shirts which have nacre bottons and hand-sewed cuffs. Shirts cost on average 50€.

A full selection of accessories is available including ties, bowties, scarfs, leather goods and umbrellas.

Michele Di Chello


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