Capri welcomes us with its crystal blue see, the characteristical coasts, the magnificents “Faraglioni”, but also with its unspoiled nature and the most delicate smelling flowers. This inspiring nature of this island in the gulf of Naples gives birth to the unique fragrance creations of Carthusia.

All of their fragrances have a nonpareil bond with the beautiful island. In their artisanal laboratory all the olfactory elements are generated from the caprese nature. One of a kind is the rosmary of the Solaro mountain.

1681 Eau de Parfum is a masculine fragrance with a distinctive strong and precious character. Its prestigiuos components are bergamot, lavander, black pepper, cedarwood, amber and incense. The strong incense smell represents “that ancient scent” typically related to military and ecclesiastical enviroments. 1681, in fact, tells the story of the age when in Capri the Church had a influent power but also a period characterised with Arab invasions. The name given to the Parfum represents the year of the end of the renovation works of “Certosa di San Giacomo” where monks started the tradition of distillation of herbs and infusions to create fine fragrances. Only after some years, in 1948, those old recepies where found and Carthusia Laboratories, which actually means “Certosa”, were established.

Whithin the olfactory pyramid, 1681, finds its place between the “spicy” scents. The head notes exhale smells of mandarin, bergamot, coriander, red thyme, and rosmary. Soon after, the heart notes kik off, those are the most emotional ones and they smell of lavander and black pepper. Finally the parfum process culminates with persistent elements such as cedarwood, musk, sandal and of course, incense.

For a little extra touch and for an elegant detail, it is possible to order your custom made bottle with name engraved on the glass.

Carthusia proudly keeps the artisanal tradition of fragrance crafting and all of their creations take you to that enchanting island of Capri. With heart and soul.

Michele Di Chello


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